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Are you interested in joining UTK’s premier computer security research group?

We currently have funding opportunities for motivated graduate students interested in pursing PhD and Master’s degrees in Computer Science at the University of Tennessee. If any of our research areas sound interesting to you we strongly encourage you to reach out and contact us. If you are not local to the Knoxville area a Skype/Google Hangout conversation can be arranged.

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Max Schuchard, PhD
Max Schuchard, PhDVolSec Director
Office: Min Kao 345

PhD Students

Joseph Connor
Joseph ConnorPhD Student
Research Areas: Cryptography, Privacy

Office: Min Kao 224

Tyler McDaniel
Tyler McDanielPhD Student
Research Areas: Cryptography, Network Security

Office: Min Kao 224

Sean Oesch
Sean OeschPhD Student
Research Areas: Network Security, MANETs

Office: Min Kao 224

Jared M. Smith
Jared M. SmithPhD Student
Research Areas: Internet Infrastructure Security, Routing Security, Internet Measurement

Office: Min Kao 224

Undergraduate Students

Kyle Birkeland
Kyle BirkelandUndergraduate Researcher
Research Areas: Routing Security, BGP, Measurement

Office: MK 224

VolSec Alumni

Chris Craig
Chris CraigMS in Spring 2018
New Position: Cyber Security Software Engineer at Oak Ridge National Lab
Parker Diamond
Parker DiamondMS in Spring 2018
New Position: Research Scientist at MIT Lincoln Labs
Jordan Holland
Jordan HollandMS in Spring 2018
New Position: PhD Student at Princeton
Advisor: Nick Feamster
Savannah Norem
Savannah NoremBS in Spring 2018
New Position: Software Engineer at NYC Advertising Analytics Company

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